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Gather more Leads (Phones/Emails) from your visitors and turn them into paying customers

Lead Generation Agent

Most online businesses need to generate leads (names, phones, emails of potential buyers) in order to make more sales. This is what makes lead generation such an essential part of any business, because this is where the money is. Once you know how and when to generate leads that convert, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.
The Lead Generation Agent is the best solution to help you generate more leads automatically, every day, 24/7, by answering visitor questions and gathering names, phones, emails of potential buyers so you can contact them to close the sale.
The best part is that over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, making it your best skilled salesmen into the art of converting visitors into leads!
It is the most popular Virtual Agent for Small Businesses. You don't need to be an experienced Internet marketer, or have a large online business, to get the most out of this Agent.
If you are a dedicated Lead Generation Business this is the right agent for you too, and can be integrated with your CRM, Call Center and tools.

Every Virtual Agent includes our automated chat basic features, control panel, and pricing based on the limits you set for your business. You can start as small as one Virtual Agent, and add additional Agents, Features or capacity as your needs grow. See Pricing for more.

How to Get Started

1. Start by creating an account and get 30 days Free trial.
2. Simply copy & paste a few lines of code to your site to embed your automated agent. It's a simple as adding a banner or analytics to your HTML code.
3. Your Virtual Agent will immediately start chatting with your visitors to generate leads. The leads will be sent to you by email. You can teach your Agent more answers, change settings, and review the results through your control panel
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How do I get my Leads? What do I do with them?

Your Virtual Agent is now turning visitors into leads that are interested in your products or services. What next?
Each new lead is a hot opportunity for a sale because they were interested in your offering and provided their phone/email to be contacted by you. These leads are sent to you by email. Now it’s a simple as picking up the phone and calling your lead. Before you contact them take a moment to review information on each lead inside the email we sent you or inside the control panel. This will often provide valuable information telling you who these leads are and what they are looking for. They will now hear from you what is the best deal for them or get the missing information they needed to complete the purchase.

Can I choose what information I want in a Lead?

Your Virtual Agent will generate a lead based on email or phone number provided by the visitor.
Right after the primary contact is captured, the Virtual Agent will continue the conversation to gather additional information such as name, best time to call, product of interest, city/area, or any other information relevant to you.
Our experience show that most leads are happy to provide all the information you need since they choose to be contacted by you to help them buy.

What answers can my Agent provide?

You can teach your Agent answers on dozens of questions. In most cases you will want to provide answer that help visitors turn into leads, such as answers on pricing, shipping, company details, deals, etc.The best part of it is that your Virtual Agent includes Self-Learning features that will automatically detect valuable questions for which it has no answers.

Tell me more about Self-Learning

Your visitors expect answers to be provided online and this affects the volume and quality of leads generated.
From past experience we've seen that it is quite complex for website owners to find out what visitors look for (in their own words), what questions they have, and what the best answers are, in order to convert.
This is exaclty what your Agent will learn for you, i.e. what questions/answers are most important for visitors to turn into leads.
The Agent self-learning feature determines this based on analyzing previous chats against lead generation rate.This in turn enables it to identify important question that have no answers.
Your Agent will send you notifications on newly added "questions" for which it is recommended to provide answers.Once new answers are provided, it use them in chats with visitors, and it will measure the impact of the changes on the lead generation rate, and provide new recommendations.
Over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, making it your best skilled salesmen into the art of converting visitors into leads!

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Follow up as soon as possible

The Agent will generate leads for you in real-time, fresh out of your site. So, if you tell the prospect you are going to call them then make sure you call them. In the world of online lead generation it is minutes that make the difference and not hours!Based on our experience at thousands of websites, the quicker the response, the better the lead performance!
Your Virtual Agent will generate the leads with a phone or email, but can request any additional information that will help you gather all these details. So use multiple modes of contact: phone, email, newsletters, voice message, fax ... Usually you will see a 90% contact rate for all possible leads, almost double the industry average.

Tip #2: Respect the Leads Trust

Once you have the Visitors Email, use it wisely, with a plan to build their interest, not to pester them. Do not abuse their trust; your emails should give them information on your products and services. Never sell or misuse your email list for other products not represented on the website they signedup under!

Tip #3: Volume is not an objective

It is better to get one lead that converts into a sale than 1,000 leads that don’t generate any revenue! You can configure your Virtual Agent to generate leads from special pages, targetting specific visitor behavior, and more to help you tune the volume and quality of the leads.

Tip #4: Use all Lead and Chat information

Go through all the information provided with the lead including the actual chat in order to identify who the lead is and what he/she wants in his/her own words. Doing this will help you identify what little encouragement each lead needs by you in order to purchase. The return on investment for doing this can be impressive.

Tip #5: Provide an Answers to the Questions recommended by your Agent

Your Agent is continuously learning for you what questions/answers are most important for visitors to turn into leads. It does that using it's self-learning feature and sends you notifications on newly added "questions" for which it is recommended to provide answers. We recommend you spend some thinking about the answers you provide, these can significantly increase the lead generation. Your Virtual Agent can tell you what visitors are asking, what they don't know, but You are the experts. You know what the customer needs to know. Teach your customer something new through the questions that they are asking in their own words, give answers that are building relationship, removing obstacles to convert, and give the extra little "push" to turn into leads. Over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, making it your best skilled salesman!

Try it 30 days for free on your website.
5 Minutes to Setup. No credit card required.
You can always fine-tune it later on.
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