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Colleges and Universities

Automatic chatbot increases student registrations leads by an average of 100% for sales and email campaigns.

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Shops and eCommerce

ChatBot and LiveChat at stores increase online sales by up to 20% and generate up to 100% more leads for sales team.

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ChatBot generates up to 200% more automotive leads for sales teams and email campaigns.

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Medical and Clinics

Clinics, medical and healthcare services generate up to 200% more contact requests from potential clients using automatic chatbot at their website.

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Travel and Holidays

ChatBot captures fresh leads from potential customers and answers visitors questions online.

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Software and IT

ChatBot helps with instant answers at the site and increases online conversion by up to 30%.

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Blog Post: How to Build Chatbot for Website - Common Mistakes When Creating a Chatbot for Websites

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Insurance and Finance

ChatBot and LiveChat generate up to 200% more leads from websites offering insurance, credit, finance, and loans.

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Blog Post: Benefits of Chatbot for Insurance Industry

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Businesses and Professionals

ChatBot helps businesses and professionals to generate more leads from the website 24/7 even when you are away.

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ChatBot reaches out to potential customers and increases consultations requests by an average of 100%

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Blog Post: How to Build Chatbot for Website - Building Trust with a Chatbot on Your Website

Blog Post: Building a Chatbot for City services

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