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Engage customers from any channel using Chatbots and Live.
WhatsApp Chatbot, Web Chat, FB messenger, Instagram.
Chatbots & Multi-channel Messaging Conversational Platform.
Free Trial 30 Days. No Coding Required.
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AI-powered Conversational solutions for Brand, Store, University, Business, Agency, Food, Travel, Cars and more.

Chatbots on mobile

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Combine Chatbots and Live Across Channels

Create one-on-one conversational experience combining chatbots and human operators with automations/APIs across WhatsApp, Web Chat, FB messenger, Instagram.
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Chatbot add to site
Add easily to your website

Create an account then Copy & Paste our script into your site. It's a simple as that.

Integrate with your sales processes

Get chatbot notifications in the control panel and send leads to your sales team by email and CRM
Chatbot integrate
Chatbot share
Chatbot usage and sharing options

Your chatbot can be used as a chat widget, embedded frames in your pages, or as a conversational page. Share it via web, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.
1. Is it easy to build a chatbot?
Yes. With a simple and friendly platform, Virtual Spirits chatbot allows you to design the conversation you want. Within few minutes your chatbot can be up and running on your website.
2. Can I create a chatbot without knowing how to code?
Sure. Virtual Spirits makes it possible to build high converting chatbots without knowing how to code. In the chatbot control panel, you can add and remove steps to your conversation and create the right script to collect quality leads.
3. How do I share my chatbot?
There are many ways to use and share your Chatbot. You can add your chatbot as a chat widget to your website, embed it as a frame within your pages, use it as a conversational page or use a dedicated link to share it by SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, Facebook and so on.
4. Is their a free trial?
Yes. You may signup without a credit card and try the chatbot for 30 days for free. You may choose to upgrade to one of our paid plans for additional traffic and extra features.
5. Will my visitors like talking with a chatbot?
Absolutely. But go and try it for yourself. Our users share that they have increased conversion by up to x4 since adding the chatbot to their website. People love talking with the chatbot!
Powering conversational solutions all over the world.
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