12,000 Businesses use our Chatbot. Here's why:

Potential customers are already on your website. You are missing sales.

You have right now potential customers already on your website thanks to your marketing, campaigns, advertisement, emails and SEO. But once they are on your site you do not proactively reach out to them to get their attention and start a conversation. Then within a few minutes they are leaving your site without leaving any contact information. And you are losing these potential sales maybe forever.
Reach potential customers with your chatbot

The solution is to reach potential customers with your chatbot 24/7, to capture their attention and start a conversation. Using your own sales speech the chat helps you promote your business and find new customers.
Help visitors with instant answers

Potential customers have questions that block the sales process and these need to be handled quickly. The system learns which questions are asked by your visitors. You can add your own answers so visitors get responses instantly.
Generate leads

The chatbot is finding new customers and generating leads for you. You will receive fresh leads from potential customers on your website directly to your email. These potential customers are giving you their phone numbers and emails so you can get back to them to continue the sale.
ChatBot and LiveChat

You can choose to use only your chatbot, livechat, or combine both. You're in control and choose what's right for your business.
We are here to help

VirtualSpirits lets you manage your chat by yourself, but our support team is here for any questions or tips about the software.