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Expert Managed Service
Your automated chat is managed by our expert team from creation to ongoing optimization in order to achieve the most optimal results for your site, your traffic, your goals. Previous implementations have shown upto double conversion ratio compared to unmanaged agents.

Personal Account Manager
As permium user you will be assigned a personal account manager for unlimited phone support, who will enable you get the most out of our wide range of customizations/adaptions/development services.

CRM interface
Your automated chat can be interfaced to the CRM you are using.

Complex Chat Flows
Complex chat flows created and managed by our team to meet the blend of sales, service, support that is unique to your business.

Events distribution
Events distribution platform throuhg multiple-channels, escalation intefraces, or to different parts of your organisation.

SEO support
Hand-in-hand collaboration with SEO efforts

In-site profiling
In-site visitors behavior profiling and response by automated chat

Multi-Agent Solutions
Easily integrate multiple automated chat agents for variety of subjects, goals, or languages within your site.

Advanced Control Panel
Advanced control panel that will offer you a wide range of reports, KPIs, Business Intelligence, and more.

Developers APIs integration
Developers APIs to your data or from your data
Translations and multi-language automated chat

Dedicated Pricing
Dedicated pricing plans on volume, success based fees, pay per leads, pay per click, pay per action, and more.

Graphical Services
Graphical services for adaption to your site or application, blending into the look & feel you have in mind.

A/B Testing
Onoing A/B testing for optimal business results.

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