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Chatbot for Online Support, Self-service and Troubleshooting.
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Customer Service Chatbot

Service Chatbot ensuring consistent customer service experience. Chatbot available 24/7 to help customers with common issues, FAQs, manuals, tutorials and more. Integrate the chatbot with your CRM to send customer queries to human representative for further assistance.
Self-Service Chatbot

Online chatbots to show your customers the route for answering their questions online. Use service-flows to interactively help customers with troubleshooting, management, online actions, complete forms, and services. The Chatbot A.I. machine learning helps the chatbot learn new questions from conversations with real customers.
Support customers on Web site, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger …

Engage and support customers with conversations across multiple channels and chatbots.

Chatbot designed with troubleshooting workflows. Guide customers to find solutions and encourage independent problem solving.

Integrate the with your CRM and send new conversations directly to your representatives with key information about the inquiry.
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