Chatbot Features

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Design Your Agent

Personalise your chat agent by choosing your own design, style, colors, images, upload pictures, add logo, and more.
Turn Visitors into Sales Leads

Your Virtual Agent can generate interest in your products or services and gather the visitors email or phone number so you can close the sale. This is called a "lead". Each new lead is a hot opportunity for a sale because they were interested in your offering and provided their phone/email to be contacted by you.
Give Answers, FAQ, Tips, Advice

You can teach your Agent answers on dozens of questions. Your visitors expect answers to be provided online, and are receptive to your tips and guidance when it is relevant to them. In most cases you will want to provide answer that help visitors turn into leads, sales, conversions, solve inquiries; such as answers on pricing, shipping, company details, deals, etc.
Live Chat

When you are online you can watch and intervene in Live Chat when you want, or turn off the automated agent completely and handle all visitors in Live Chat.
IPhone, Android, SmartPhone

The Virtual Agent is not just available for web users, it is available to your visitors on IPhone, Android and other Smartphones. This means it keeps you connected to your visitors on whatever device they use to visit your website. As larger portions of your visitors are turning mobile, this is a great way to connect with them on the go.
Engage Your Visitors in Their Language

The Virtual Agent are available in any of the following languages. English, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic
Chat History

You can review past chats.
Chat Button

Design the Chat Button with your own style, color, images and text.
Chat Triggers

Click to Chat - Improve user experience by offering customers a quick link to start a chat.
Exit Chat - Save sales by launching your chat when users exit your site.
Timed Chat - Engage users and offer assistance when visitors stay on a page for a predetermined amount of time.
Control panel, Tools, and Roles

You can edit and modify settings of your Virtual Agent through its control panel. The control panel is easy to use and runs within your web browser. It gives you the ability to configure/update your virtual agent's knowledge, as well as monitor its activity and chats with visitors and see review results. "Professional Plan" comes with 1 user that enables you access to all your Virtual Agent features and data. "Business Plan" enables multiple users with separate roles: Owner, Administrator, Operator. Each role comes with its own set of tools.
Self-Learning FAQ

Your visitors expect answers to be provided online, and are receptive to your sales pitches, incentives, and answers when they are relevant to them. From past experience we've seen that it is quite complex for website owners to find out what visitors look for (in their own words), what questions they have, and what the best answers are, in order to convert.This is exactly what your Agent will learn for you, i.e. what questions/answers are most important for visitors, what sales pitch works best, and what incentive will turn them into buyers.