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Chatbot for Medical Services Leads, Appointment Scheduling and Patients Support.
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Medical Service Leads

Engage potential patients online with the chatbot. Help patients build trust using personalized interaction. Answer patients' questions 24/7 to help with dilemmas, information about the clinic, doctors and open hours. Integrate the chatbot with your CRM and direct new patients leads to reliable information and further assistance.
Appointment Scheduling Chatbot

Simplify the booking and payment process for potential patients 24/7 from their desktop and mobile. Help elderly or disabled patients and spare them the hassle of navigating webpages and manually searching for doctors or available time slots. Match patients with the right specialists to get the right treatment.
Support customers on Web site, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger …

Engage and support customers with conversations across multiple channels and chatbots.

Reduce the number of repetitive support calls and emails by answering questions 24/7 to provide expert advice, information about the clinic, open hours, prescribed drugs, medical equipment and more.

Integrate with your CRM and send new conversations directly to your representatives with key information about the inquiry.
Got Questions about our Healthcare Chatbots?
Healthcare organizations and medical institutes have their own unique challenges and opportunities. Connect with a healthcare chatbot expert to learn how we created chatbots designed for healthcare to take full advantage of our platform. Learn from our experience on using chatbots for recruiting prospective customers, providing online support, and transforming your online user experience.

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