How do you get more leads and sales with the Chatbot on your website

1. Add to your website in 5 minutes

Click on "get started" to create an account.
Copy & paste a few lines of code into your site.
Your Chat is ready and working at your website
2. Automatic Chatbot 24/7

Potential customers arrive at your website. The chatbot reaches out to them 24/7 in order to capture their attention, start a conversation, help with answers, and find new customers.
3. You get fresh leads from visitors

Use the 30 Day Free Trial to see how you generate leads out of your existing website visitors. You will receive fresh leads directly to your email. These potential customers are giving you their phone numbers and emails so you can get back to them to continue the sale. Additional information and chat history can be accessed from the control panel.
4. LiveChat

When you are online you can watch the Chatbot and intervene in LiveChat whenever you want. You can also turn off the automatic chat completely and handle all visitors in LiveChat. Find out what works best for you.
5. Fine-tune your chat

The Chatbot comes with default settings.
You can fine-tune it to your needs.
- Personalize the chat window with colors, images, logo.
- Change the chat scripts to your own sales speech.
- Add your own answers so visitors get responses instantly.