Create a Chatbot for Website

Learn how to build your automated chat agent and use its features.

Lead Generation
Most online businesses need to generate leads (names, phones, emails of potential buyers) in order to make more sales. This is what makes lead generation such an essential part of any business.

Online Sales
Just like a sales person the Virtual Agent engages the visitor to provide the right answer, the right sales pitch, at the right time to direct them towards the Sale, Download, or Signup.

Self-service Support
Just like a support person the Virtual Agent engages the visitor with answers, tips, and step-by-step guidance until the customer tells you their inquiry is resolved.
Tutorials - User Guides

Control Panel 5.0 (English)

Control Panel 5.0 (Hebrew)
Over the course of this tutorial, you will learn how to configure the automated chat agent and use the various options at your disposal. Use these features to make your automated chat agent smarter and you’ll find that it is the best companion for growing your business, save money and get more customers.

The best chat for websites?
Why is VirtualSpirits chat agent the best chat for websites? How can the Chat Agent help you get more sales, more leads, and provide support.

How to setup your Virtual Agent
How to set up your Virtual Agent in a few minutes. In this Video Tour you will learn how you get started with your Virtual Agent, how you set it up, how you teach it answers about your business, and more. Embedding code for Web versions.

Design an amazing chat window
Use all the features of version 5.0 to customize the style and design of your chat

How to teach my Virtual Agent a new FAQ?
You can teach your Agent answers on dozens of questions. Provide answer that help visitors turn into leads, sales, conversions, solve inquiries; such as answers on pricing, shipping, company details, deals, etc.

More options in FAQ
More options in the FAQ module.

How to teach my Virtual Agent the way to approach my visitors?
Your Virtual Agent is proactively reaching out to you visitors at your site. How do you change the first few sentences that are used as introduction.

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