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Self-service Support Agent

Cut down on Support Costs by automatically troubleshooting and solving visitors inquiries online.

Self-service Support Agent

Just like a support person the Virtual Agent engages the visitor with answers, tips, and step-by-step guidance until the customer tells you their inquiry is resolved. As opposed to a Human Support person it can handle thousands of visitors at once, at a fraction of the price of having human support in live chat/emails/phone, and it does that every day, 24/7.

Whether you are offering software, travel packages, or financial services, your customers have inquiries and are reaching you by email, chat or phone. Let's face it, most customers would rather be doing something else to trying to solve their inquiry. But now that they must do it, they would rather solve it without having to contact you. Most of them do not want to fill in forms, wait for a response by email, or for you to call them.In addition you already know that your staff spends 80% of their time answering the same questions, providing the same answers, about the same things. Small businesses find out quickly that this puts a lot of strain on their resources, diverting staff from spending more time on actual sales. Larger companies have the same challenges to make the most of their resources, which could often better be used for high value interactions or complex problems rather than common issues. Like many other websites you are lacking a smart solution to provide self-service support, one that can adapt to the customer inquiry and follow through until it is resolved.

In Today's market our Self-service Support Agent is the smart solution for online inquiry resolution.
The Self-service Support Agent is the most popular agent with technical/service support teams for troubleshooting. Its sophistication relies on the Virtual Agent knowledge tree and troubleshooting dialogue with visitors to solve the inquiry or escalate the problem. The best part is that over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, adapting to your visitors inquiries, in order to make it your best online support solution driving 80% of inquiries away from email, forms, and phone!

Every Virtual Agent includes our automated chat basic features, control panel, and pricing based on the limits you set for your business. You can start as small as one Virtual Agent, and add additional Agents, Features or capacity as your needs grow. See Pricing for more.

How to Get Started

1. Start by creating an account and get 30 days Free trial.
2. Simply copy & paste a few lines of code to your site to embed your automated agent. It's a simple as adding a banner or analytics to your HTML code.
3. Your Virtual Agent will immediately start chatting with your visitors to solve their inquiries. You can teach your Agent more answers, change settings, and review the results through your control panel
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Engaging Your Visitors

Your Virtual Agent is proactivly engaging visitors at your site to promote the adoption of self-service. Based on our experience the right opening chat dialog is most critical in order to engage the customer in the chat. You can set the opening chat dialog based on criteria such as the page URL. This will ensure the visitor is engaged with relevant information for him, which may include an open question, some popular tips & answers, guidance, or simply "How may I help you?".

Your Agent gives answers, tips, and step-by-step guidance

You can teach your Agent to give visitors the right answers, tips, and step-by-step guidance in order to follow through until their inquiry is solved. All this information is organised in a nowledge tree and troubleshooting dialogue that enables the visitors to find what they want and follow through the various steps. The Virtual Agent control panel provides the tools to add/edit your knowledge base. In most cases you will want to engage visitors with tips based on the content of the page visited, or main choices of step-by-step guides to common troubleshooting that are relevant to them. Our agent is driving towards solving the 80% of common issues faced by your visitors. The best part of it is that your Virtual Agent includes Self-Learning features that will automatically detect questions for which it has no answers, and advice that work/don't work in solving the inquiry, in order to grow its knowledge over time.

Tell me more about Self-Learning

Your visitors expect answers to be provided online, and are receptive to your tips and guidance when it is relevant to them. From past experience we've seen that it is quite complex for website owners to find out what visitors look for (in their own words), what questions they have, and why they can't solve their inquiries.
This is exaclty what your Agent will learn for you, i.e. what questions/answers are most important for visitors, what guidance works best, and where in the process you need to provide more help to solve their inquiries.
The Agent self-learning feature determines this based on analyzing previous chats against inquiries resolution rate. This in turn enables it to identify important question that have no answers, as well as guidance success rates.
Your Agent will send you notifications on newly added "questions" and requests for alternative "guidance". Once new answers are provided, it uses them in chats with visitors, measures the impact of the changes on the resolution rate, and provides new recommendations.
Over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, adapting to your visitors inquiries, in order to make it your best online support solution driving 80% of inquiries away from email, forms, and phone!

Can I escalate unsolved inquiries?

Your Virtual Agent can be set to escalate unsolved inquiries to your live chat, email, call back service.
This may be right for you when problems remain unsolved (especially while the Agent is still learning), complex or new issues arise, or on high value products.
Our experience show that the information already captured within the chat provide high quality information for your trouble tickets surpassing what visitors would provide on their own in forms, making it easier for you to follow up.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Get Our Help

Chances are we have helped companies in your industry achieving similar goals. Our support team is experienced and happy to help you do the same. Contact us at we are waiting to hear from you. If you are a large company don't hesitate to upgrade to our Premium Virtual Agent services and get our expert managed services.

Tip #2: Start Small and Grow Your Virtual Agent

As this is probably a new game to you, start small and grow your agent based on the feedback from real-life visitors. It's about using all the information and intelligence gathered by your agent, in the visitors own word, to improve it one step at a time. A Self-service Support Agent is more like playing chess than playing dice. Based on our experience you will learn 3 things you didn't know about your website or visitors within the first week just from reviewing chat logs and chat intelligence. That is how you will know what the first steps should be into growing your Virtual Agent.

Tip #3: Actively Engage the Visitor

Identifying the problem and providing the rigth answer is crucial. The Virtual Agent is designed to engage your visitors in knowledge tree and troubleshooting dialogue, make the most of it. Remember that the Virtual Agent can provide active engagment to thousands of visitors at once, it can be online more than humans, and adapt its dialog in ways your website cannot. Try to shape your knowledge tree and troubleshooting dialogue to identify the problem and then solve it:
  • Create specific tips by products
  • Create specific step-by-step guide on problems you have identified
  • Confirm the inquiry resolution or remaining problem at each step
  • Measure results and find out what works, then alternate and measure again

  • Tip #4: Use all Chat information

    Go through all the information provided including the actual chat in order to identify what visitors are saying, what they need, and what they are looking for in their own words. Doing this will help you identify why they are not solving their inquiry and what little help they need in order to resolve it. The return on investment for doing this can be impressive.

    Tip #5: Provide Answers/Tips/Step-by-Step Guidance recommended by your Agent

    Your Agent is continuously learning for you what answers, tips, and guidance are most important for visitors to resolve their inquiries on their own. It does that using it's self-learning feature and sends you notifications on newly added items for which it is recommended to provide answers. We recommend you spend some thinking about it and provide your answers, these will utlimately resolve the visitors inquiries. Your Virtual Agent can tell you what visitors are asking, what they don't know, give you insight in what works and what does not work, but You are the experts. You know what the customer needs to know. Teach your customer something new through the questions that they are asking in their own words, give answers that are building relationship, provide guidance removing obstacles, and give the extra little "push" to complete the process in successful resolution. Over the course of weeks and months your Virtual Agent becomes smarter and smarter, making it your best online support tool.

    Try it 30 days for free on your website.
    5 Minutes to Setup. No credit card required.
    You can always fine-tune it later on.
    We are here to help.


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