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Car Dealership Chatbots - How Chatbots Can Get You More Customers

Auto sales is a competitive niche, and as the proprietor of a car dealership, you need to ensure that your website has everything it needs to attract more customers. Among these is an online chatbot. To understand why you need one, let’s look at some of your potential customers.

Chatbots for first-time buyers

Mike, the first-time car buyer. Mike has lots of questions. He’s hoping to buy his first car in the next few weeks, and doesn’t yet know which make or model will suit him best. He needs to do a good deal of research before he can narrow his options down to the cars he’d like to test drive.

But Mike is also a very busy guy, and doesn’t have the time to actually visit car dealerships in person. Especially when he’s open to considering all options within his budget. Talking to sales reps at this stage will only confuse him further. So instead, Mike heads online and browses through car manufacturer and dealership websites.

Car Dealership Chatbots

Being new to the process of researching and buying cars, Mike will appreciate any help that he can get from these websites. Let’s imagine now that he arrives at your site, and meets your online chatbot. The bot greets him and offers to help him browse through your inventory.

Mike instantly feels at ease. He uses the menu options offered by the AI bot to navigate to the information he’s looking for. And he feels free to ask questions about the car models he’s interested in, without worrying about being judged for his limited knowledge.

If Mike has specific questions about a car make or model, he can ask the chatbot to put him in touch with a salesperson from your dealership. Soon, he’s ready to test drive some cars, and he chooses your dealership because he already has an existing relationship with it. All thanks to your chatbot.

Mike’s takeaway: “I spent well over an hour chatting with the bot and I was able to get all my answers and figure out my options.”

Chatbots for upgrades

Marie, who’s looking for an upgrade from her existing car. Marie knows what she does not want in her next car. She wants to be absolutely sure that her new car won’t give her the same troubles that her current automobile does.

Marie doesn’t want to go straight to an auto dealership, because she doesn’t feel ready to talk to a salesperson yet. She’s heard of two car makes that might work for her, and wants to read up on them first. She looks forcar dealership sites where she can find and compare both options. And she finds your site, where your online chatbot welcomes her with a friendly “hello”.

If you create a chatbot to dispense up-to-date and accurate information from your car dealership website, Marie can interact with it to get all the details she needs withinseconds. The best car dealership chatbots for websiteswill be able to answer simple questions about specific car models, or transfer Marie to a human sales rep for further assistance.

Marie is impressed with the efficiency and competence that your car dealership exhibits through its website. She notes, “I had some urgent questions to help me decide between two different cars I had in mind. The chatbot helped me make sense of all the information.”

Chatbots for detailed questions

Johnson, the thrifty customer. Johnson wants to make sure he has the right financing options. He’s sifting through car dealership websites to learn about their payment options. Once he finds a good fit, he’ll visit the dealership and proceed with his purchase.

When Johnson visits your website and finds an option to chat with your AI bot, he decides to enquire about the payment modes you accept. Your chatbot gives him the information, along with additional options to explore. He gets to check his credit score if he needs financing, or the promotions your auto dealership is currently offering. Once the bot has Johnson’s interest, it can connect him to a salesperson for further assistance with his purchase.

Johnson appreciates this proactive approach. “I wanted to know about the purchase terms before talking to the dealer. The chatbot helped me do just that and more; it was so easy!"

While building chatbots for car dealership websites, it’s important to keep these customer preferences in mind. That way, you’ll get more engagement from visitors, and increase their chances of physically arriving at your dealership and purchasing their cars from you.