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Chatbot for Coaching - How chatbots can benefit your coaching website?

Whether you’re a life coach who helps people set and achieve personal goals, or a leadership coach who works with high-level executives, your end goal remains the same. You want to attract more clients. A chatbot for coaching is great at getting that done; let’s show you how.

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Getting a positive response from your potential clients:

As a coach, you’d know that your website is not as much about you, as it is about your potential clients. Of course, it describes the services you offer, and the challenges you can help people overcome. But if your website doesn’t ‘speak’ to people seeking a coach, it won’t generate enough leads or business.

Perhaps the biggest coaching website mistake you can make is not being clear about what your clients will get from you. Let’s imagine that a potential client has just come to your website, and wants to know what makes you their future coach. At this stage, they don’t want to just read about the benefits of coaching. If they need help with self-esteem issues, they want to know if you can help. If they struggle to find fulfilment at work, they want to know that you’ve coached others going through the same thing.

Here’s something you don’t want – your potential client spends a minute or two on your website, remains unsure about what to do next, and leaves. Instead, you want them to feel important. And you want them to perform certain actions – express interest by leaving you their contact details, ask for information, and schedule a consultation. Enter online chatbot.

Using a coaching chatbot for more engagement and leads:

Imagine that upon visiting your site, a friendly chatbot greets the same potential client with a polite “What can I help you with today?” and gives them a set of options to choose from. The potential client now has all the information they need from your site, right there at their fingertips. They can check out the types of coaching you offer, your fee options, and the next available date for an appointment. They don’t need to click around and find all that information by themselves.

The best chatbots for coaching websites can make visitors feel at ease. They address them by name, acknowledge their questions, and offer to email or text them with any specific information they need. Imagine how convenient it would be for your potential client if they can book an appointment with you, right through the instant chat window?

We’ve been building chatbots for coaching websites and other services for a while now. And we can say from experience that users respond much better to offers coming to them via live chat, as opposed to something like a promotional email.
So for example, let’s say that at some point during their conversation, your AI bot asks your potential client, “Hey, we’re offering a 30-minute FREE consultation this week. Would you like to book a slot?”

Your client will see that all they need to do is say ‘yes’ to make the booking. They don’t have to wait for an email, talk to somebody, or even fill up a form. Chances are, they’ll go ahead and book a time slot. And in the course of a single conversation, your coaching chatbot will have produced a lead and converted it.

So essentially, when you create a chatbot for coaching purposes, you’re bridging any gaps between your website and your potential clients. A coaching chatbot doesn’t replace you. Rather, it ensures that your website’s visitors have the information or advice they need in order to book a session with you.