Ecommerce Chatbot for All Product, an online store for Gardening Equipment & Tools

Yohay Dahan – Owner and Manager,

Introduce your business and tell us about yourself: What does your business do? What is your role?

Hi, my name is Yohay and I own "All-Product", an online business selling working and gardening tools. We have an e-commerce website through which we sell power tools as well as special products for professional and amateur gardeners. I started All Product myself and continue to manage the business. With my team, I'm adding new products to the shopping site, marketing them, and talking to customers who order something or have questions about my products or shipping options.

What problems/challenges did you have and why did you decide to create a Chatbot?

There's no end to the challenges we keep running into! But I guess I can sum it up by saying that I never have enough time for all the things that need my attention at once. We can’t be available 24/7 to work on our website, and we are not in a position to hire employees for 24/7 online sales and customer support.

I had read a lot about how e-commerce businesses are starting to use chatbots on their websites, and though I wasn’t sure if it would work out for me, a chatbot seemed like a good second-in-command to help me run my website. So, I went ahead and added a chatbot to my site, hoping it would help visitors find the products they’re looking for, and thus generate sales leads with whom we could follow up through a phone call.

Ecommerce Chatbot

What was the result of adding your Chatbot to your business/website? And what did you learn from it?

I’m really happy with how well the chatbot has been working for me. I won’t say that it has completely changed my business, but it has put me in a position from where we can see what our customers are looking for. We have actual proof in the form of words they’re using and things they’re asking for. And based on this data, we are able to regularly update the chat script and our website content with product information and features that potential customers will find useful.

Also, we have already managed to sell more products since the launch of the chatbot. That’s because shoppers are now getting the initial information they need from the chatbot, and the chatbot in turn is passing this information to us. This lets us know which customers are already interested in buying something, and we can reach out to them with an offer. So our whole sales process is a lot more streamlined now, and we have more time to focus on sourcing new products and building my brand.

What are your top recommendations for businesses just starting with their own Chatbot?

If you’re running an e-commerce business, I’d strongly suggest adding photos to your chatbot. People want to buy products that they can see first. Or rather, people hesitate to buy stuff that they can’t see. This is the whole reason why online shopping sites depend so much on the quality of their product photos. Adding these photos to your chatbot template as well is a cool way to make your products even more accessible to your potential customers.
So invest in getting quality photographs of your products, and focus on the lighting and product styling in these photos. Then add them to your chatbot template. Our customers love how they can just ask to see a product and get its photos in the chat window itself.