Chatbot Helping Auto Marketing Ltd to Maximize ROI


Auto Marketing ltd is a supplier of quality leads to cars dealerships for major brands such as Ford, VW, Chevrolet, Toyota, Renault and more.
They hare operating cars portals websites and over 100 landing pages at any given time.


Auto Marketing ltd was facing a problem as very large amounts of traffic was generated but with a too low conversion to quality leads.
They were seeing a model of leaking bucket where on their portal they were unable to efficiently identify the potential car buyers and engage them to generate quality leads.
In addition, to count on returning visitors and future conversion opportunities, the marketing's goal was to create a positive interaction with their audience to strengthen their 'expert' brands position without adding major costs.
On the landing pages their challenge was to reduce bounce rate and capture quality leads that maximize the ROI from campaigns.


VirtualSpirits helped Auto Marketing to define the right "chat goals" for portals vs landing pages in order to get the best ROI.
Chatscripts were adapted to deliver the right speech with a well defined mix of messages.

Implemented tracking of conversions using Google Analytics and Facebook pixel.
Auto Marketing added answers to common questions and topics of interests of visitors.
All leads including the entire chats were sent directly into the sales team's CRM for qualification call back before being passed to cars dealerships

Key Features

  • Chatbot for lead generation and strengthen brand

  • Self-learning to detect +100 questions and topics of interest

  • Leads including entire chat sent to CRM using webhook

  • Google conversion tracking via analytics and Facebook pixel

  • Results

  • Tripled the number of quality leads

  • Dozens of positive feedbacks from portal's visitors every month

  • Measured significant improvements in engagement, bounce rate, and time spent on site.

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