Ecommerce Chatbot for Traklin Electric, an online store for home appliances

Yosi Ben-David – Sales Manager,

Introduce your business and tell us about yourself: What does your business do? What is your role?

I’m Yosi, and I work as the Sales Manager for Traklin Electric. Traklin Electric is a home appliances and electronics retail enterprise, selling refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, televisions and other gadgets, both through its e-commerce website and through stores in shopping malls across Israel. From its origins as a family-run electronics store, the business has successfully expanded to become one of Israel’s leading electronic and electrical networks. Our website allows customers to shop from our complete product range, and have their shipments delivered to their doorstep or picked up from a Traklin Electric store near them.

What problems/challenges did you have and why did you decide to create a Chatbot?

Our biggest challenge, and the main reason why we started thinking about creating a chatbot, was shopping cart abandonment on our online store. Over time, we noticed that a lot of our website’s visitors wouldn’t go through with their orders. Their activity indicated that they spent time on the site, did their research, selected items and added them to their carts. But after that stage, a big percentage of shoppers left the site without confirming their orders.

We decided to add a chatbot to our online store to see if we could engage better with each one of our visitors. From what I’d read about online chatbots, I’d gathered that it was possible for them to pick up clues from the page a visitor is currently looking at, and make relevant conversation based on what the visitor seems interested in. Through this, I hoped, our chatbot would answer each visitor’s individual questions and address their issues before they changed their mind about their purchase.

I also figured that in case a visitor continues to be uninterested in buying, the chatbot could put them in touch with someone from our store team, and the salesperson could step in to make recommendations and offer help with finalizing the order.

Ecommerce Chatbot

What was the result of adding your Chatbot to your business/website? And what did you learn from it?

Our numbers have been much better since we added a chatbot to the Traklin Electric website. We’ve made more sales, and we’ve seen from the chat records that customers have been getting answers to a lot of questions about delivery costs, product availability, user manuals, and more.

Another positive update that I’m able to report is that we’re now getting hundreds of excellent leads every month, most of whom we’re able to convert into paying customers. In fact, we’ve even set up a dedicated call center in which our sales team works only with these leads that our chatbot brings in. Again, this is an indicator that visitors on our website are getting relevant information and assistance from our chatbot.

What are your top recommendations for businesses just starting with their own Chatbot?

There are some keys to being successful in e-commerce. Knowledge is one of them, and understanding your customers is the other. So if you’re in the process of creating a chatbot for your e-commerce business, I’d recommend tying it with Google Analytics. This will help you build both knowledge and understanding of your customers once your chatbot is up and running.
Also, I’d strongly advise integrating all your marketing campaigns with your chatbot, because it will bring you tons of useful data about what you need to change, scrap, or keep doing.

One last thing I’d like to add – VirtualSpirits support works. Their support team worked with us throughout our chatbot development process, helping us create a chatbot that’s not only visually appealing, but also successful in catering to our customers’ needs.