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Chatbots for travel - What are they and do they really work?

Chatbots can be a very beneficial tool for travel agencies by delivering a personalized customer service to those people who prefer to book their travels through different online platforms. Chatbots for travel agency can work 24/7 and they can be encoded to converse in several different languages as compared to the human workforces. They can be utilized as simulated customer service agents, which are particularly appreciated in travel businesses.

Here are a few benefits of chatbot development for a travel agency:

1. Can operate as an online travel agent

Chatbot can operate as a travel or registration agent. Customers can easily send the message to chatbots with their booking requirements. The travel agency can program their chatbot to respond in simple language and they can perform as an online travel agent, taking into consideration the preferences and budget of their customers, and offer them personalized recommendations just like a real travel agent.

Chatbots for travel

2. Provide with recommendations for local eating places, programs etc.

Many people, who prefer online booking, can take the help of website chatbots to know about local restaurants, and events that will take place at their holiday destinations. Searching manually online about these details can be quite challenging. But chatbots can easily streamline these procedures and offer best recommendations for their users. A simple request like ‘local Italian restaurant’ can provide with appropriate suggestions.

3. Assist customers while they are traveling

Travel agencies can help their customers using chatbots, even when they are traveling. As messaging apps are usually intended for using on mobiles, a travel agency can easily reach its customers using chatbots. Customers with mobiles would really appreciate searching for the future trips and book their travels without downloading any new app or going to the agency’s website.

4. Operate as a customer service personnel and handle disruption management

Chatbots can operate as a human representative and respond to the variety of customers’ enquiries straight from inside a messaging area, without any kind of additional expenditures. It can also for the customers to contact travel agency through chatbot than transferring a message through their website. A chatbot can also handle disruption management. It can manage grievances by taking negative remarks from online platforms like Twitter, where users can easily tarnish the reputation of an organization if things are not as they expected.

5. Direct to order and make payments

Using a chatbot for researching the travel package or holiday you wish to book can be linked to making payments by following towards finishing the bookings on a trusted online site. It streamlines the booking procedure and can ultimately lead to increase in your conversion rates. It also offers plentiful automated possibilities on how a customer can make online payment.


Chatbots have an enormous potential to transform the way travel industry works and offer customers with the personalized experiences they wish for. Chatbots offer platform for customers to share their complaints so that they can be resolved by the agency. They can also bring down the costs, escalate the efficiency, and expand the customer database of those involved in travel businesses.