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Ecommerce Chatbot – 4 Amazing Chatbot Conversations with Real Clients

Online chatbots have found use in a whole bunch of industries, but as far as ecommerce goes, they’re well on their way to becoming the norm. The best chatbots for ecommerce websites have been cast in the roles of virtual shop assistants, marketing agents, customer support reps, and more! If you own an ecommerce business or are curious about how ecommerce chatbots are able to get customers to respond positively, check out these 4 real examples of customer-chatbot interactions on ecommerce websites.

Ecommerce Chatbot Conversations

1. Jewelry store website chatbot:

Daniel wants to buy a ring for his girlfriend. After some research, he finds an online jewelry store that has some great-looking rings. He even finds a nice ring that he’s pretty sure his girlfriend will like. But just when he’s about to buy it, he realizes that he needs to select a size for the ring. In the drop down menu of sizes, he sees a whole range of numbers, and has no idea what they mean.

Luckily, there’s a friendly chatbot right at the corner of the window. Daniel opens the chat window, and the ecommerce chatbot greets him.

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Hello, and welcome to ABC Jewelry. I’m your shop assistant. What can I help you with?”

Daniel: “I don’t know what ring size I should buy.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “To find out your ring size, take a thin strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Mark the point where the two sides of the paper meet. Now unwrap the paper and measure the length between the two marks. This will be the ‘circumference’ of the ring. Use the table below to find the size that matches the measured circumference (in mm).”

Daniel: “I’m buying the ring as a gift for my girlfriend. How do I find their ring size?”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “If measuring the finger is not an option, you will need an existing ring that fits well. Use a ruler to measure the inner diameter (the largest distance between the inner faces) of the ring. Then use the table below to find the ring size that matches the measured diameter (in mm).”

Daniel: “Ok, great, thank you!”

Daniel would have probably figured out how to find out the ring size by doing some more research on his own. But the readily available online chatbot gets him the information he needs in a matter of seconds, and with almost zero effort on his part. Ecommerce stores thus greatly increase their chances of closing sales by building chatbots for their websites.

2. Online clothing store chatbot:

Natalia is getting married in a week, and has ordered bridesmaids’ dresses from an online clothing store. She had placed the order 5 days ago, and had read that the store normally delivered orders in 3-5 business days. Today, Natalia wants to make sure her shipment is on her way to her, and heads to the clothing store website to find out. While buying the dresses, Natalia had chatted with the store’s chatbot, who had helped her with style and color options. She decides to ask the same ecommerce chatbot for help today.

Natalia: “Hi. I haven’t yet received my order.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “I can help track down your order. Can I have the order ID, please?”

Natalia enters the order ID.

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Thanks for that. I can see that your order was handed over to our logistics partner on [Date]. It should reach your address within the next 48 hours.”

Natalia: “Thanks.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “You’re welcome! If there’s anything else I can help with, just leave me a message.”

Natalia knows that anytime she needs to check on her order, all she needs to do is go to the website and ask the chatbot for help. Online clothing stores are thus able to offer hassle free service to their customers when they create a chatbot for their websites.

3. Online gift shop chatbot:

Amy has worked with the same company for 30 years, and is due to retire in a couple weeks. She wants to buy gifts for all her colleagues and finds out about a great gifting website. Amy hasn’t shopped online too much, though, and isn’t sure about how to find the right gifts. But when she visits the website, she’s pleasantly surprised by a friendly offer for help.

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Hi! Welcome to ABC Gifts. I’m your shop assistant. If there’s anything I can help you with, just leave me a message.”

Amy: “I need help finding the right gifts.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “I’ll be glad to help! Are you looking for a gift for a friend, family member, or coworker?”

Amy: “Coworkers.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “All right. How many recipients will there be?”

Amy: “About 25.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Are they men, women, or both?”

Amy: “Both. About 15 men and 10 women.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Got it. Do you have a preferred price range for these gifts?”

Amy: “I’d like them to be under $30 each.”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Great! I have the information I need to make some recommendations. You’ll now see 5 gift options in the chat window. Please choose the one that you like most, and I’ll find you some more related options.”

Amy sees coffee mugs, personalized key chains, picture frames, phone covers, and stationery. She chooses stationery, and the chatbot sends her links to planners, pens, pen holders, calendars, and so on. Amy chooses pen holders, and the chatbot sends her links to a variety of designs. In just a few minutes, Amy has finalized her gifts, and is ready to move forward with the purchase. All thanks to a helpful ecommerce chatbot.

4. Electronics e-store chatbot:

Jacob is interested in buying a new dishwasher. He arrives at the website of an electronics and appliances store and sees a huge range of products. Luckily, the store has an ecommerce chatbot to help him. The chatbot greets Jacob, and offers to help. Jacob mentions that he’s looking for a dishwasher.

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Please help me understand your requirements by answering some quick questions. What’s your preferred price range? (You may choose an option below.)”

Jacob selects the price range.

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Do you have any preferred brands? You can choose as many options as you like below.”

Jacob selects his preferred brands.

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Here are some links to dishwashers that match your criteria. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of these products.”

Jacob opens the links, and glances at the dishwashers. He likes one of them, but wants to be extra sure that it’s the right product for him.

Jacob: “Are there any product reviews for [Dishwasher Name]?”

Ecommerce Chatbot: “Sure, you can read our customer reviews of [Dishwasher Name] on [Link 1]. [Link 2] and [Link 3] have detailed reviews by experts in case you’re interested.”

Jacob now has all the information he needs to understand the product and make his decision. When ecommerce websites like this electronics store create a chatbot, they also create great impressions on customers like Jacob who like to be thorough about their purchase decisions.

We hope you found the above illustrations helpful. Should you need any more information or have any questions about building chatbots for ecommerce websites, just let us know.