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Ecommerce Chatbot - 6 Ways to Increase Online Sales Using Chatbot for ecommerce

These days, more and more people are tuning to ecommerce chatbots for their shopping needs. The number of visitors to ecommerce websites is increasing and with ecommerce Chatbot you can provide quality and effective service to your potential customers. The better the service, the more you’ll be able to increase your online sales.

According to a recent sales report, online sales have increased by 4.2% in 2015. Adding ecommerce Chatbot is effective due to the amount of online purchases that is growing consistently. Every business owner must be up to date in order to make sure that his ecommerce website keeps up with growth.

Chatbot for ecommerce increase online sales

Chatbot for ecommerce websites allow business owners to provide online service to a large number of customers at the same time. This service can help to increase online sales by providing instant answers to customers' questions, removing obstacles, increasing motivation and solving problems online.

We have gathered 6 tips for writing quality answers for your ecommerce Chatbot that will help you to increase your online sales.

Chatbot tip #1 Learn from Your Real Visitors Questions

An ecommerce website is much like an actual store –people are coming to the store, wondering through the shelves and looking for the product they want. While in a real store you can go up to your customers and talk with them, on your ecommerce website you don't know what your visitors are looking for, what questions they have or what is preventing them from making a purchase.

The ecommerce Chatbot opens up a whole new world of information about your customers that you can use to improve your ecommerce Chatbot scripts and sales process. Just like a salesman in a store, your ecommerce Chatbot is engaging your website's visitors and offering help. When reading your ecommerce Chatbot conversations with real customers on your website you can learn a lot about them.

Use this information to adjust your ecommerce Chatbot's scripts, add answers to new questions that were asked by your customers and update existing answers to perform better. Use words and phrases that were used by your customer in your answer titles to help customers easily find the answer they're looking for.

Chatbot tip #2 Add Real Valuable Answers and Advice

Many website owners think that because the ecommerce Chatbot is robotic it should have robotic answers. But the fact that your Chatbot for ecommerce is automated doesn't make it unreal. When a potential customer is visiting your website he's already interested in the product you are selling, all he needs is some real information about the product and to get answers to his questions.

When looking at the best salesman in your company you can see that every answer that he gives to a customer is designed to promote the sale. Use your ecommerce Chatbot to provide tips and advice to your potential customers. People like to buy from professionals and by providing advice about your products you build trust with your customers and present yourself as a professional. You should check to see that the answers you've written are helping your customers by reading the chat's history and improving your answers accordingly.

Chatbot tip #3 Removing Obstacles with Precise Solutions

Some questions that people ask when talking with your ecommerce Chatbot are a result of a real problem that they have. These questions are hindering the sales process and without getting a precise answer for their questions the sales process is stuck. By providing precise answers that remove these obstacles you'll be able to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

For example: A person is asking "do you ship overseas?",or"is the refund on 100% of the value?'.People won’t buy without getting answers to their questions, so it’s up to you to provide a precise solution/answer.

Chatbot tip #4 Use Multiple Answers to Increase Motivation

As we've said, people like to buy from experts. Use your ecommerce Chabot to present yourself as an expert. When a man wants to purchase an engagement ring he goes to get advice from a ring expert. The expert will ask him questions in order to find the best ring for him. This process builds trust with the customer that the expert can find the best solution for his needs.People like to receive personal advice; they want to buy from experts, and be motivated about the purchase.

For example: A person is asking your ecommerce Chatbot "do you have engagement rings?", or "I want to buy an engagement ring". You can use this to respond with multiple answers to increase motivation as well as promote yourself as an expert:

"How do I choose an engagement ring?"
"What diamond should I choose?"
"What would she choose?"
"How much should I spend on an engagement ring?"
"Are there any discounts on engagement rings?"

These kinds of questions will provide value to your potential customers and cause him to pay more attention to your products. This will in turn increase their motivation to buy from you.

Chatbot tip #5 Professional, Short, and Helpful Answers

No one likes to get a lecture as an answer. Some website owners want to push their message to the customers so they pour a lot of information into the ecommerce Chatbot's answers. This approach might be good for your blog or landing pages but these kinds of long answers have no communication with your potential customers. The Chatbot for ecommerce allows you to have a conversation with the customer and not just overloading them with information. Professional, short and helpful answers are essential for increasing your sales.

When reading your ecommerce Chatbot conversations with real potential customers, you will be able to easily identify the questions and the points in the conversation that they are interested in. Focus on these points to find the best text and improve it to be short, helpful and professional.

Chatbot tip #6 Continuous Improvement from Feedback and Conversions

Every website owner is aware that he needs to check his PPC performance, landing pages and Google Analytics. The ecommerce Chatbot provides you with a whole new world of information regarding the customers' behavior on the website. You get this information in the words that your customers are using which is very effective.

When reading your ecommerce Chatbot conversations, read also the conversations that didn't end with a conversion – this will help you understand what went wrong in the conversations. Use this information to not only add new answers but also to rewrite existing answers that are not providing the desired results.

Let your customers send feedback about your answers. This feedback will help you find what answer your customer is looking for and how to improve it. Use the ecommerce Chatbot reports to get more valuable information such as on which pages your ecommerce Chatbot has the best conversion rates. Which pages have the most conversations that didn't end up with a conversion? What are the most commonly asked questions?

Successful ecommerce Chatbot for websites are using this information to continuously improve performance. You can take it as far as using this information in your website's design, product design or your company's strategy.