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Ecommerce Chatbot – Checklist for Chatbot at your Online Store

Ecommerce chatbots are becoming increasingly popular. With millions of ecommerce websites all over the internet and more than a quarter of a million dollars in revenue each year, the competition between ecommerce websites is getting bigger and bigger. If you want to increase your online sales and provide quality service to your website's customers you need to add a Chatbot for ecommerce. An ecommerce Chatbot will engage your visitors, provide answers, help with online purchases and generate sales leads for you. This will help your ecommerce website stand above the rest.

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A successful ecommerce Chatbot is customized to your online store and helps your customers complete their online purchases while providing valuable information. We've created a quick guide for adding a Chatbot for ecommerce website; from chat design and adding answers to handling incoming sales leads. This guide will help you use your ecommerce Chatbot in the most efficient way.

1. Ecommerce Chatbot's Design

Your ecommerce Chatbot is a tool that helps your customers get information and complete online purchases. In order to do its job, it should be visible to your website's visitors. Make your ecommerce Chatbot stand out on your website in order to get the visitors' attention. Choosing the right colors and design is the first step in getting that attention. Some people say that certain colors are better than others, but generally contrast colors will get your visitors' attention.

Choose colors that will make your Chatbot for ecommerce stand out, use text on the chat's window and add your company's logo. The point is to make a visual difference that will show your visitors where to look.

2. Ecommerce Chatbot's Agent Image

Using a real representative’s image for your ecommerce Chatbot will build trust with your customers. This will let your customers know that someone is actually reading their messages.

Add a real agent’s image, preferably someone that works for your company and will actually be calling leads back. Don't use stock photos or your company's logo for your ecommerce Chatbot agent's image. When calling back a lead, make sure that you read the conversation he had with your ecommerce Chatbot beforehand so that if something comes up during your call you'll be prepared.

If a visitor asks, you may add a response saying that they are speaking to a Chatbot but you are a real person that wrote the responses and that you are reading all the messages. This will prevent frustration for your customers.

3. Getting Your Customers’ attention with the chatbot

The fact that the information is on your website doesn't necessarily make it accessible for your customers. Getting your website visitors attention is a powerful commodity. There's a lot of information on your website and the Chatbot for ecommerce can get the visitors attention and help them navigate to find the information they're looking for.

But if the visitors won't start a conversation with your ecommerce Chatbot, it won't be able to help them. That's why you must engage your visitors to get their attention. Your ecommerce Chatbot's design, triggers and first sentences all have one purpose – to get the visitor to notice your ecommerce Chatbot and start a conversation. When the Chatbot for ecommerce is getting your visitor’s attention and chatting with it you can start to get data that will help you improve your ecommerce Chatbot and increase your conversions.

4. Make sure the Chatbot has real and high quality answers

When a customer is visiting your website, he's looking for a certain product or service. All he cares about is getting real information about the product\service he's looking for. Without this information the customer can't make a decision. Your ecommerce Chatbot can provide this information and increase your customers' motivation and remove obstacles.

Your visitors won’t care if they are talking with an automatic Chatbot or a real person as long as they are getting real and valuable answers. The fact that the Chatbot for ecommerce is robotic doesn't make it unreal. Use your ecommerce Chatbot's answers to provide quality information with tips and advice to help your customer make a decision.

5. Learn from Chatbot's past conversations with Real Customers

One of the greatest advantages of a Chatbot for ecommerce is the ability to get insights about your customer’s behavior and what they are saying. When you read your Chatbot's conversations with real customers you can find out what scripts work better to engage them into the chat, which questions they are asking and how to phrase them, and which answers are promoting the sales process.

Based on this information you can improve your ecommerce Chatbot; change scripts, triggers, write answers to new, unknown questions and rewrite answers that are not achieving quality results. Over time your ecommerce Chatbot will become better and better as you improve it to suit your customers and your business needs. This won't happen overnight, but eventually your ecommerce Chatbot will become the best conversion tool in your company.

6. Add the ecommerce Chatbot to Your Mobile Website

Our cellphones are no longer only for calling and texting. These days everyone is using their smartphones as a personal computer. We check everything on our phones, from weather and transportation to social media and shopping. So today, every business must suit it's website for mobile users.

Your Chatbot for ecommerce must be adapted for both desktop and mobile use. Not adding your ecommerce Chatbot to your mobile website will cause you to lose a lot of potential customers. For your customers that are using their smartphones anyway, chatting with a Chatbot may be as natural for them as having a conversation in their family's WhatsApp group.

7. Call the chatbot's generated leads immediately

When a customer provides his contact information he's in a crucial time window where he's ready to take action. He read the information on your website, got answers form your ecommerce Chatbot and decided that he wants you to call him back to close the sale.

Studies show that companies that contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a new sales leads are 7 times more likely to have an effective sales call. This means that the customer’s opinion can quickly change for many reasons; call new leads back while they're still "hot". To make it easier for you, connect your ecommerce Chatbot to your CRM software and send the leads straight to your sales team process.