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Ecommerce Chatbots - Bots Helping to Streamline Ecommerce Checkout

Ecommerce checkout is still puzzling for ecommerce companies. Some studies show that shopping cart abandonment is hovering around 68%. Even after putting in the effort to research, find items and put them in the shopping cart, that high percentage of online shoppers are leaving without completing the purchase.

Thankfully, new technology is emerging that can help to improve the ecommerce checkout...
Chatbots are one of the technologies that can improve ecommerce checkout.

Chatbots are computer program chat services that conduct conversations with website visitors. The best chatbots are able to continually learn. Humans begin by answering questions and over time the chatbots learn to provide the answers visitors are asking.

Unanswered questions are a major reason for ecommerce checkout abandonment.
The process of ecommerce checkout can incorporate several steps, any of which could prompt customer questions.
Here are four things to consider when using chatbot for ecommerce checkout.

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1. Chatbots help with Checkout Form Confusion

Checkout forms should be simple and easy to use. But simple is a challenge. Especially for ecommerce companies. There is certain information that’s needed. But the more information required the more opportunity there is for confusion. And this confusion leads to checkout abandonment.

But that’s where chatbot can help. If ecommerce shoppers get to the checkout form and have questions they often have nowhere to turn. Many ecommerce companies don’t have chat options or FAQ links in checkout.

2. Unexpected Checkout Issues can be handled by Bots

Chatbot can help business with finding unexpected checkout issues that there's no other way to find out about. The chatbot enables you to read what are your customers real problems and they to solve this issues for them. Today, visitors on your website doesn’t have someone they can talk to and say what is bothering them, so they just leave the website without making a purchase.

The chatbot can help business owners to find what their customer problems, whether it’s the price, issues with the order form or even some technical problems with the checkout itself. Reading the chatbot conversations with real visitors can teach you a lot on your website and help you to improve your service and sales.

3. Chatbot for Upselling

Chatbot can serve as a guide to ecommerce customers, offering suggestions based on items they have previously searched for or purchased. They can also share brand or product updates, which can entice customers to continue purchasing from you.

4. Chatbot + Live Chat

Chatbot can handle a number of questions, but there are times when customers will want or need to engage in a live chat with an actual person. Chatbot will answer many questions that customers have, especially repeat questions, but sometimes chatbot will get a new question. In an ecommerce setting, it’s important to keep the customer in the process. This is where a Chatbot + Live Chat option can work well.

As you can see, chatbots help improve ecommerce checkout engagement. Satisfied customers who make purchases quickly and easily will not only complete their current purchase, they’ll return and may even share their experiences with others.