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Ecommerce Website Chatbot – 4 Reasons Why You Should Add an Ecommerce Website Chatbot To Your Store

Ecommerce website chatbot development is breaking down traditional sales and marketing methods while reducing the need for manpower. You need to start integrating this technology now to transform your customer experience and widen your market reach today.

Online shopping is no longer just about clicking and buying something from a website. Ecommerce companies have extended their presence to social networks, apps and other channels from where people can browse and buy products. To simplify the user experience that they offer, more and more of these companies are building ecommerce website chatbots to interact with their customers.
Active round the clock, these intelligent and efficient ecommerce website chatbots can be an invaluable asset when integrated with all aspects of an ecommerce company’s online presence. Keep reading to learn why you should create an ecommerce website chatbot for your online store.

Ecommerce chatbot online store

1. Ecommerce website chatbots create more interactive engagements.

Customer engagement is the key to retaining more customers. As an ecommerce business, you’ve probably already identified methods of crafting an engaging experience for your customers. These could include giving them more choices, getting them to provide their preferences for customized suggestions, and so on. Building ecommerce website chatbots gives you the opportunity to implement these methods in a manner that works.

Sandy here is new to a beauty website. When she arrives at the site, a chatbot immediately greets her and provides product suggestions.

Chatbot: “Hi! Welcome to Beauty ABC. What are you looking for today?” [Beauty tips/Products/Make-up tutorials/More options]

Sandy: [Beauty tips]

Chatbot: “Please select a category.” [Eyes/Lips/Hair/Skincare/More options]

Sandy: [Lips]

Chatbot: “Let’s narrow your search down for you. Is there a specific subject you’d like to learn more about?”

Sandy: “Liquid lipsticks.”

Chatbot: “What finish would you like your lipstick to have?” [Glossy/Matte/Satin]

Sandy: [Matte]

Chatbot: “Here are some suggestions: Get gorgeous matte lips without drying; Find the perfect matte liquid lipsticks; Long-lasting matte lipsticks that’ll get you through the day.”

The ecommerce website chatbot offers to assist Sandy by providing her with different choices. It also redirects her to product listings and blog post suggestions to help her narrow down her search. The overall experience is interactive, engaging, and it gets Sandy to consider buying something from the site.

2. Ecommerce website chatbots help your customers understand your products better.

Product pages can be tricky, especially for new customers. Confusing or missing product information can often make a customer leave the website or abandon their cart after shortlisting products. Ecommerce businesses can prevent this from happening by building chatbots to dispense product information. Ecommerce website chatbots can be programmed to provide the necessary information from your product catalog to a new customer.

Continuing the example above, let’s imagine that the chatbot has directed Sandy to a product page. She checks it out but wants to ask something first:

Sandy: “Which of these products are vegan?”

Chatbot: “While we don’t have a specific category for vegan and cruelty-free brands, you can always check for the “Certified Vegan/Cruelty-Free” stamp on each item. Hope that helps!”

In this case, even though the website doesn’t have the product category Sandy would have liked to browse, the ecommerce website chatbot manages to retain her attention by providing her with the next best option.

3. Ecommerce website chatbots help you cater to younger audiences.

Let’s face it, the majority of online shoppers are millennials. Which means that your target audience is a generation that uses a smartphone for everything that it does online. This is also a time-strapped generation that is typically busy juggling work, school, and life. So in order to meet their need for instant gratification, you want to make your customer experience as simple (and quick!) as possible.

Ecommerce website chatbots help you do that. The numbers prove it: of the 60% of millennials that have used chatbots, 70% have reported a positive experience. And those who haven’t yet interacted with one are more than happy to try them out.

4. Building ecommerce website chatbots gives you access to data and analytics.

In order to grow your business, you need to understand consumer behavior and trends. The one-on-one interactions that chatbots facilitate allow you to create a targeted marketing strategy by asking your prospects a set of personalized questions.

Questions such as “What types of books do you read?”, “What lipsticks do you wear?”, “What is your favorite season?” are great ways to get to know your customers better. Their responses give you rich data on your target audience and allow you to create responses that are relevant to each user.