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Facebook Messenger Chatbot – 4 Tips for Building Your First Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Facebook Messenger chatbots may have been a novelty in 2016, but they have since evolved into popular channels of communication between businesses and their target audiences. As a business owner, you may come across countless studies and opinion pieces on the advantages of online chatbots. However, the degree to which your new chat bot benefits your business is directly proportional to the degree to which it is synced with your unique business goals. The following are some important factors to consider while building your first Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Building Your First Facebook Messenger Chatbot

1. Finding the right bot platform:

When it comes to platforms offering chatbot development services, modern businesses are spoilt for choice. Pave the way for a wise decision by researching the available platforms and identifying the one that offers you the maximum number of tools and features for customizing and fine-tuning your chatbot. It is also imperative that your chosen platform offers a simple and user-friendly interface. If you find it difficult to understand and use, get help or choose a different platform.

2. Knowing your Facebook Messenger chatbot development goals:

Before venturing into the specifics of building chatbots for your business, take a step back and consider the reasons why you would like to create a chatbot in the first place. Chatbots for customer support differ a great deal from chatbots for lead generation, registrations, or sales. Each chatbot fulfils a distinct function, and as such requires a distinct set of prompts and actions built into its script. If your analysis indicates that you need to address more than one of the aforementioned goals, consider deploying more than one chatbot.

3. Building Facebook Messenger chat bots only if they add value:

A common mistake that business owners tend to make involves building chatbots merely because they seem to be the popular trend. While Facebook Messenger chatbots have undeniable advantages, they may or may not benefit your business as much as they benefit your competitors. Focus on identifying your customers’ needs and preferences, and create a chatbot only if it can help you address them. Chatbot development that has no business-centric objective and is merely a compliance exercise, will not add value to a business, and can even go so far as to compromise it.

4. Seeking professional chatbot development assistance:

Business owners are free to attempt Facebook Messenger chatbot development on their own, or allow a professional to build their chatbot for them. In most cases, however, taking the first approach tends to be riddled with difficulties. Building chatbots without any prior experience with artificial intelligence or software development can protract into a tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming exercise. It is a task best left to chatbot development experts, who can expedite the process and help you save precious time and money. Hiring a professional to create your Facebook Messenger chatbot will also guarantee you a finished, error-free chatbot application that can be deployed with immediate effect.

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