Step-by-step: adding name query to chatbot conversation

1. Log in to your Chatbot control panel

2. On the top menu bar click on "Tools & Settings"

3. Select "Chatbot Flows & Scripts".

4. Scroll down to find the conversation Flow where you want to add your Name Query.

5. Press the blue “Edit” button next to that flow

7. Press the “+ Add Step” button where you want to insert the new Step

8. A pop up appears. Press the “Name Query” button.

9. Press the “Edit Name Query” button, right to the new gray block that appears.

10. Add the questing you wish to ask your visitor when asking for his/her name. The chatbot will wait till it gets a visitor's name.

11. Option to Allow Skip: You may check this box if you wish to allow your visitor to skip this query

12. Option to Keep 'Name' Response: The name of the visitor is stored in a variable. By default the variable is called {{name}}. This variable can be used later inside the chatbot conversation and/or integrations.

13. Click "Update". That's it your Name query has been added into the Chatbot's conversation flow