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Step-by-step: adding Waze to an answer (blocks)

1. Login to your chatbot account.
2. On the menu press on "Answers"
3. Go to the question you want to add a Waze link.
4. Press on the green "Edit" button.
4. Under "The Answer" Press on "Add"
5. Choose the "Waze" with the car icon.
6. Next the new waze block that were added press on "Change Waze Directions"
7. Open the Waze Live Map -
8. Search for the location you want to change the Waze link to.
9. Click the share icon in the bottom of the search window.
10. In the window that openes choose "Share driving directions".
11. Copy the URL code in the bottom of the window.
12. Paste the url in the url text box.
13. Change the text text box to the title of the Waze link.
14. Press "Update"

add Waze to answer

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