Step-by-step: change the location of chat button and chat window on the website

This article shows how to change the location of your chatbot on a desktop website. To change the chatbot 's button location for mobile site click here:

To change the location of the chatbot's button and chat window on your site:

1. Login to your Chatbot account.

2. On the top menu bar click on "Tools & Settings"

3. Inside "Tools & Settings" page, select "Desktop & Mobile Site Settings"

4. Under the main section "Desktop Site Settings" you will find
settings for Window position and Button position.

5. Choose which side you want your chatbot to located on the site.

6. Press "Save changes".

7. Check out the change you made on your desktop website! If it doesn’t appear right away, clear your browser cache history and then reload the website page.

changing position on website