Step-by-step: Adding a Chatbot Webhook to send leads to your CRM

Your chatbot sends leads to you by email and may also send them to your CRM.

You may integrate the chatbot to send the leads to your CRM directly using POST/GET interfaces or to popular tools like Zapier/Integromat.

The easiest way is using Zapier/Integromat without requiring coding or complicated API documentations

Here are links for popular examples of Zapier to connect to Google Sheets, Mailchimp, SalesForce, ...



We'll give here an example using Zapier to send leads to Google Sheets.

1. Open an account with

2. Create a new "Webhook" with Zapier. They call this "Catch Hook". And add an integration to "Google Sheets".
To do this simply click here:

3. Zapier gives you the Webhook URL, copy this URL. It will look like this

4. Open your Chatbot in Tools & Settings > WebHook CRM > Edit
Now paste this URL from Zapier inside the field POST URL

5. Inside the chatbot webhook you can add more fields based on the variables that the chatbot collects. Now you have {{name}} {{email}} {{phone}}
You can collect more variables inside the chatbot flow if you want.

6. Inside the chatbot webhook go to Test, add a few values and press Send Test
You will see the acknowledgement from Zapier at the bottom of the page showing they received it or if there is some kind of error.

7. If you got a success response from Zapier you can continue

8. Now go back to Zapier. You can check to see that you received the details you have sent into Zapier.

9. This first part is done. Now just continue in Zapier to add the integration push data to Google Sheets

10. Add there the Google Sheets action (Create Spreadsheet Row), it will ask for your username, credentials, sheets name, etc

11. Finish the link inside Zapier between the fields collected from chatbot into the fields you want for Google Sheets .

That's it. Once you've tested it you can activate the connection in Zapier.
At this stage, you can choose to Activate the webhook in the Chatbot webhook Overview and press Activate.
Now real leads from the chatbot will be sent to Zapier and Google sheets.
If there is any issue you can Pause the webhook of the chatbot. In that case it will stop sending leads to Zapier but you continue to receive them in your email.