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step-by-step: adding google analytics and other tracking

1. Follow the attached "End-to-End Configuration for Analytics" instructions to create your thank you page.
2. Login to your chatbot account.
3. On the menu press on "Settings"
4. On the top menu press on "Analytics Page"
5. Copy the thank you page url and paste it in the text box.
6. Press "Save changes".

google analytics and other tracking

End-to-End Configuration for Analytics, Adwords, FB pixel and other tracking

VirtualSpirits Chatbot provides a way to track the leads generated as conversion in tracking tools.
Below is the step-by-step for Analytics, Adwords, FB pixel and other tracking.

Step 1. Create Thank You page for your Chatbot.

The first step for the end-to-end solution is for you to create a thank you page on your domain that will be used by the VirtualSpirits Chatbot whenever a lead is generated in order to track this conversion.
Each time a lead is generated, the chat will load your Thank You page in the background containing the Analytics codes and other tracking codes which will count the conversion.

For example, a page

Inside the HTML of that page you need to
- Add Google Analytics code based on analytics.js or tagmanager (for optimal solution do not use the older ga.js code)
- Add Google Adwords conversion code created specifically to track the leads of VirtualSpirits
- Add Facebook conversion pixel code created specifically to track the leads of VirtualSpirits
- Add other tracking codes created to track the leads of VirtualSpirits
- Avoid any other content to keep this page light and remove codes of VirtualSpirits inside that page as well

Step 2. Add the URL of your page in Settings.

Login to the VirtualSpirits control panel and add the URL of your thank you page
- In the side menu click on "Settings"
- In the top menu click on "Analytics"
- Paste the URL

Note: If your website is still using only HTTP then your thank you page must also be HTTP. In that case past the URL

Note: Check again that you pasted the entire and correct URL, not a relative path, not missing any parameters or values.

Step 3. Verifying Result in Real Time

Now you want to see in real-time that your thank you page is being loaded and the tracking codes are being read. This will prove that you entered the correct URL and that there are no bugs on your thank you page that block the loading of tracking codes. Since this process happens in the background without the visitor seeing it, it is time to take out your traffic analyzers.
- Launch your preferred browser traffic analyzer. Two popular options are Chrome Developer Tools or Chrome add-on "Google Analytics Debugger".
- Refresh the page of your website
- Click on the Chatbot and then type contact details to generate a lead
- Watch the logs of your analyzer showing that the thank you page is being loaded, and then subsequently the tracking codes of Google Analytics, Adwords and other tracking providers
- Repeat this step several times to make sure you see all the event taking place

Step 4. Google Analytics and "Referral Exclusion List"

You will have to make sure you have the following configuration inside your Google Analytics based on analytics.js code or tagmanager (for optimal solution do not use the older ga.js code)
- Add a page view "Goal" like "VirtualSpirits Lead" on URL
- Go to Admin, Tracking Info, to "Referral Exclusion List". Add the following 2 domains:

Once you do these you will see a clean set of Analytics from source (e.g. adwords, organic, referral etc) through the website funnel all the way to the goal page. This is the reason only our chat should use this URL as conversion, because if all is done correctly you will NOT see in referral or inside any funnels!

Note: changes in Google Analytics do not change historical data. So if you have just updated the "Referral Exclusion List" you will need to wait 24 hours in order for measures to exclude the referral domain. Historical data will still show measures that include but the new data will not.
A trick in order to see that your configuration in Analytics is correct is to go to "Real-Time" section. The "Real-time" section shows top-referrals and will show if you did not remove it from the "Referral Exclusion List". Once you added to the "Referral Exclusion List" the "Real-time" section will not longer show this domain top-referrals for new leads.

Step 5. Google Adwords Conversion in End-to-End Solution

The optimal approach is to link your Google Analytics account with your Adwords account. If you have also setup the analytics as explained in step 4, then you will have the end-to-end visibility of the traffic sources (organic/paid) all the way to conversion.

If you're setting up Adwords conversion codes that you wish to track separately, the "conversion" must be specific to VirtualSpirits Chatbot.
If necessary you will have to create a new conversion and add it to the dedicated thank you page of step (1)

When you're looking at reports inside Google Adwords alone do not get confused between unique conversions, converted clicks and the number of conversions you expect to see. The total number of conversions is the one you see in Adwords panel "Tools">"Conversions".

This is confusing many people since inside the "campaign reports" that most people use you tend to see converted clicks that count several conversions as one.

Note: This is why we recommend as optimal approach to link your Google Analytics account with your Adwords account.

Step 6. Other Tracking

Using tracking from other tools and service providers works much in the same way. The stable solution in most cases is adding the tracking to your own domain's page you created for this purpose ... you can see the tracking codes being loaded using the step (3) traffic analyzers

Step 7. Tracking on Multiple Domains (Cross domains)

If you are using the same chat on multiple websites each having its own domain (e.g., then you need a solution to track accross diferent domain ("cross domain").
You will need to create a "thank you" page for the chat for each domain. Let us know and we will help you add them to the chat so you can track conversions.

Step 8. Mobile vs Desktop statistics (Segments)

You can easily split Google analytics reports using 'segments' to accurately see 'desktop', 'tablet', 'mobile' traffic.
However this assumes you are using a single domain for all traffic. If you are using a subdomain for your mobile traffic such as "" then you need a "cross domain" solution as explain in previous points.
You will need to create a "thank you" page for the subdomain. Let us know and we will help you add them to the chat so you can track conversions.

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