step-by-step: add a chatbot to Joomla site

Add the Chatbot to your Joomla 2.5.x/Joomla 3.x site in a few simple steps.

note: You can find your VirtualSpirits Chatbot HTML code in the control panel under 'add to website'.

Option using your Joomla 'templates'

1. Log in to Joomla Administration site.

2. On the top menu press on "Extensions", and then on "Template Manager".

3. On the right menu click on the "Templates" tab.

4. Click on "Theme Details and Files".

5. Under "Templates Master Files", Select Edit main page template.

6. Scroll down to the end of code and paste your Chatbot HTML code above the </body> tag. Next, Save the changes.

Option using 'Custom HTML Advanced' module from pluginaria

Before you begin, you need to install Custom HTML Advanced module

1. Log in to Joomla Administration site.

2. From your top menu bar you need to select "Extensions" and then "Extension Manager".

3. On the Extension Manager Install page, press on "Choose file" and find the Custom HTML Advanced module Zip folder that you downloaded. And then install it by clicking "Upload & Install".

4. Once the Zip file has uploaded and was installed successfully, you need to select again from the top menu bar the option "Extensions". Now select "Module Manager".

5. On the Module Manager page click on the "new" green button to create a new module.

6. Name the module, you can call it "chatbot". Turn the “Show Title” to OFF (Hide) and in the dropdown, list select Footer positions. Click on the Options tab once you've selected a position.

7. Copy and paste the Chatbot HTML code into the Custom HTML text box. Click Save & Close to finish.

8. Make sure your new module has the status Published on the Module Manager page. View your website to make sure the chatbot appears.