step-by-step: add a chatbot to Konimbo site

Add the Chatbot to your Konimbo site in a few simple steps.

note: You can find your VirtualSpirits Chatbot HTML code in the control panel under 'add to website'.

You may see here Konimbo's tutorial for adding code to their sites: Konimbo's tutorial video

1. Login to your Konimbo Hybrid admin

2. Click on "New file".

3. Fill out the form with the following details:

"Title" here write for instance "Chatbot"

"Active in the store" here be sure the box is checked.

"Choose an implementation page" here you should select "all the store" so the chatbot will appear on all your pages

"Body_html" here copy & paste the Chatbot HTML code.

4. Click "Save".