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Step-by-step: live chat with chatbot at the same time

1. Login to your chatbot account.
2. On the menu press on "Live Chats"
3. Here you can see all the conversations that your chatbot is having with visitors in real time.
5. When a visitor is writing to the chatbot the conversation will appear on the Live Chats page.
6. Next to the Visitor conversation can press on the "Open chat" button to have a live chat with the visitor.
7. A new chat window will open. Here you can talk with your visitor Live.
8. Once the visitor gave you his contact details press on the "Add Lead" option on the right bottom side of the screen.
9. Fill in the visitor relevant details.
10. Press "Add" to add the visitor lead to the leads list.
11. Finish the conversation with the visitor
12. close the chat window.

live chat and chatbot

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