step-by-step: add a chatbot to Prestashop site

Add the Chatbot to your Prestashop site in a few simple steps.

note: You can find your VirtualSpirits Chatbot HTML code in the control panel under 'add to website'.

1. Go to Presto/Themes/YourTheme.

2. In the theme folder search after footer.tpl file.

3. Download the footer.tpl file and import it into a text editor of your choice.

4. Copy & paste the Chatbot HTML code above the </body> tag.

5. When the file is still open, insert a {literal} tag below the first <script> of the chatbot (In the code you just pasted), and a {/literal} above the </script> which is at the bottom of the code you just pasted.

prestashop add a chatbot

6. Save the change in the footer.tpl file.