step-by-step: wix app: remove and delete the chatbot wix app from wix site

If the Chatbot Wix App is still on your Wix site then you need to remove the App from your Wix site:
1. Log in to your Wix account.
2. Edit the site that contains the Virtual Spirits Chatbot in it.
3. Right click on the chatbot button and choose "delete"
4. Now "publish" your site again.
5. This removes the app from your website.

If you have upgraded this App with Wix then you need to cancel the upgrade with Wix.
1. You have purchased through the Wix apps market.
2. On these Wix app versions we do not have access to any of your billing information and we do not process any of the payments.
3. Go to the Wix app market and cancel the upgrade you have purchased.

Link to Wix instructions:

Once you have removed the Wix app from your website, if you wish to delete your account completely with VirtualSpirits we can go ahead and delete your account and remove all records. Simply send a message from here below or to