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IT Support Chatbot – Solving the biggest challenges for today's IT Service Desk

The advantages of chatbots for websites of businesses around the world may generally be measured in terms of the number of leads or the percentage of sales they generate. However, one of the primary areas where these online chatbots find application is the IT support desk. A department inundated by queries, complaints, and calls for assistance, technical support can make for a significant drain on a company’s resources. Building IT support chatbots helps companies minimize these costs, and even improve the quality of their IT products and services. IT support chatbots ensure these benefits by solving challenges including the following:

Chatbot IT Support Service Desk

1. Chatbots ensuring instant resolution.

Most present-day consumers of IT products are millennials, who are accustomed to using their smartphones for browsing the internet, shopping, scheduling meetings, and checking in on friends and family. Instant messaging is replacing phone calls and emails as their preferred mode of communication. This holds true for customer support as well. Millennials expect to find the option of chatting with a customer support representative to solve their issues. With the development of IT support chatbots, companies are being able to meet this expectation without hiring and maintaining a large team of support staff. These chatbots remain online round the clock and even on public holidays, which further improves the image of the company in the eyes of its millennial consumers.

2. Keeping customer support staff motivated.

The challenges of IT support are not limited to meeting the expectations of consumers. Companies also struggle with the perpetual task of keeping their technical support staff motivated. The monotonous nature of technical support issues, and the lack of challenges in their day-to-day work, can drain any support representative’s focus and motivation. Companies can avoid this by assigning the most basic and repetitive of these issues to IT support chatbots. The best chatbots for IT support do not try to fill in for human support staff. Rather, they attend to the simple problems that the majority of customers bring to the support desk, leaving the human staff free to handle more complex and interesting issues.

3. Guiding customers towards self-resolution.

Customers are often reluctant to address their technical issues, even when the solution is just a few steps away. For this reason, companies that create a chatbot for IT support often build self-resolution actions into their chat script. Their online chatbots can then guide end users to solve some of their technical issues on their own. To the end use, the IT support chatbot appears to have the patience, resources and skills to guide them to the solution. The process is more interactive than reading a troubleshooting guide on a webpage, but at the same time, the user receives the know-how to solve the issue on their own the next time they face it.

4. Handling customer feedback.

IT support chatbots are an excellent source of real-time customer feedback. Analyzing chat transcripts can give IT companies invaluable insights on the general opinion about their products or services. It also allows them to make improvements that will fare well with their customers. This is an advantage that chatbots will always bring to the table, which means that once a company has created an IT support chatbot, it will have continuous access to direct customer feedback.

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