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Lead Generation Chatbot - 4 Tips for Better Car Leads

Closing a car sale begins with a quality lead. Using Lead Generation Chatbot is one of the best ways available today to convert visitors into leads from your website.

Every car dealership is looking to generate sales leads – people that are looking to buy a car or wondering where to buy one. As a car sales manager you have probably paid, or are still paying, a lot of money to a third party for car sales leads. Most of those leads ended up without a sale but you still paid for them. Lead Generation Chatbot can help you convert visitors into leads by yourself, so why not try spending your time and money on generating car sales leads by yourself?

These days the internet is providing every business, big or small, the power to effectively promote itself. If you spend time in building a strong web presence, with a well-functioning website and having a Chatbot that generates leads, half the job is already done. The internet is a big playground for car dealerships that are looking to increase their sales leads. We have gathered a few key points for car sales Lead Generation Chatbot. Applying these points to your business will help you attract quality leads from your website instead of wasting your time and money on third party leads.

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1. Generate Your Own Leads Using Lead Generation Chatbot

A common mistake of car dealerships is to invest a lot of money on buying leads from outsourced companies. This usually results in dependence on those companies and on spending money for bad leads.

These car dealerships do not understand how simple it is to generate their own sales leads by controlling their websites and creating opportunities that serve their business goals. When you use Lead Generation Chatbot to generate your own sales leads, you can enjoy 3 significant advantages:

Control – You can reduce your dependence on buying third party leads by taking control of your website and your actions.
Saving Money – Adding a Lead Generation Chatbot can save you a lot of money. When you are paying for third party leads, you are paying for their whole process of generating those leads plus their commission. You can do the same thing and save the commission you're paying them. Studies consistently show that companies that are focusing on generating their own leads save up to 62% in cost per lead (compared to companies that buy leads from a third party).
Quality – When using Lead Generation Chatbot to capture leads, you can control the quality of the leads by adjusting your lead generation strategy to the type of customers you want to attract. The leads you generate for yourself will be a higher quality and more in tune with your needs. Quality leads eventually add up to a higher conversion rate in sales.

If your business is counting on buying leads from third party companies it's time to make a change. Take control over your business, save money and increase your conversions and sales.

2. Get Traffic Using PPC Campaigns

Studies show that people that are searching the internet for a specific product are more likely to click on a paid advertisement than any other form of online marketing. Yet these people have no idea if the ads is paid or not, they just care if it is focused on their needs. Most people are using search engines (such as Google) to look for products online and this expose them to paid ads based on their own keywords.

PPC campaigns are a quick way to get quality traffic to your website and lading pages where they will be engaged by the Lead Generation Chatbot even if you have a small budget. Because of the fact that you are controlling the ads headlines, the audience, and the amount of exposure per keyword – the traffic that comes to your website will be high quality and will lead to a better conversion rate.

Not all of your campaigns should lead to the same place. Different people have different needs,and you must address them in the way that suits each one best. Adjust sending your campaign’s traffic between your website and targeted landing pages for different audiences and products. Engage these visitors with Lead Generation Chatbot based on the type of audience and its needs. This way you can focus your sale process on the type of customers and increase your conversions.

3. Use Chatbot to Engage and Convert Visitors into Leads

One of the most effective tools available today is a Lead Generation Chatbot that will communicate with the visitors on your website. Lead Generation Chatbot can be the difference between a sales lead and a visitor that left your website and might even have gone to your competitors. Successful and well customized Chatbot can drives leads, consistently improve your conversion rate and increase profits.

The Lead Generation Chatbot allows you to engage your website's visitors, provide answers to their questions, increase motivation and convert visitors into leads so you can close the sale over a phone call. Studies show that websites that use Lead Generation Chatbots convert 50% of the people who start a conversation with the chat.

When adding a Lead Generation Chatbot to your website you need to keep in mind that you need to engage your visitors to start a conversation. Your start of chat, triggers, design and positioning all have one goal – get the visitor to start chatting with your Chatbot. Once the visitor is in the conversation, half the job is done.

4. Call Back the Chatbot Leads Immediately

Harvard Business Review published interesting statistical research about The Short Life of Online Sales Leads. According to the research:
"Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead (which we defined as having a meaningful conversation with a key decision maker) as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later. However, only 37% responded to their lead within an hour."

This amazing statistic represents how quickly customers are changing their minds.

People like to do market research before making a deal. It is important to know that when a customer is looking to buy a car he has probably visited several different websites, compared prices and examined all his options. A customer that gives his contact information is in a "hot spot". A “Hot” customer is a customer that has read the information on your website, had a conversation with your Lead Generation Chatbot and received answers to his questions. At this point the customer is ready to move on in the sale process.The longer it takes to call back a generated lead, the more likely it is that the customer will have "cooled down".