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Lead Generation Chatbot - 5 Tips to Help You Get Better Leads

When it comes to using Lead Generation Chatbot on our website, is affecting the conversion rate all we should care about?

In this article, we will look at the ways website owners are using Lead Generation Chatbot, what actions they should take in order to improve their conversions and the most effective drive more quality leads while saving money per lead.

Lead Generation Chatbot

Many website owners are spending a lot of time pouring water into a leaking bucket. Instead of fixing the leak, they continuously pour more water into the bucket to keep it full. This is an express route to unnecessary expenses and low results, and as you try to grow your business your price per lead will increase accordingly.

There are countless research results and articles regarding the best tools to increase a website's conversions. One of the most efficient tools today for increasing conversion is adding a Lead Generation Chatbot that will engage visitors. A Lead Generation Chatbot can be the difference between a visitor who gives his contact information and a visitor who leaves the website and maybe even goes to competitors. Adding the Lead Generation Chatbot itself can certainly increase a website's conversions, but even a successfully optimized Lead Generation Chatbot can be improved and provide some precious insights about your visitors. You should use those insights to improve your Chatbot's performance.

By optimizing and improving your Lead Generation Chatbot you can increase your conversions and save money per lead with the same amount of traffic that you have today.

There are many ways in which you can improve your Chatbot’s performance. In this article, we will focus on these 5 tips:
• Engaging your visitors
• Focus on real answers
• Website pages
• The playground
• A\B testing

While looking into these tips you need to remember that just like getting a Facebook page for your business can be very effective for exposure, it can harm your franchise or deter potential costumers if it looks bad and is not regularly maintained.Therefore, it is important not only to add a Lead Generation Chatbot to your website – but to use it correctly and improve it based on conversations with real visitors. That being said, let's look at the ways of improving Lead Generation Chatbot performance to increase your website's conversion rate.

Chatbot tip #1 Engaging your Visitors

It’s clear that if visitors won't start a conversation with the chat – they won't generate a lead. So the first thing you must have in mind is to engage your visitors.

Engage, engage, engage!

Statistics from hundreds of websites show a clear picture, in which 50% of visitors who have started a conversation with a Lead Generation Chatbot gave their contact details at the end of the conversation. Once the visitor has started a conversation half the job is done.

A “Start of Chat” that engage visitors, a design that stands out on top of your website, timed triggers and a real person image for Lead Generation Chatbot's agent all have one purpose;to get your visitor’s attention and encourage them to start a conversation. If visitors to your website won't start a conversation there's no point in moving forward. In such case, you should go back and change your Lead Generation Chatbot introduction, as well as its appearance and settings until you find the best way to engage your visitors.

Once you see that the Lead Generation Chatbot is engaging your visitors and they are getting into the conversation, you can go on to collect the Chatbot's data and use it to improve your website conversion rate.

Chatbot tip #2 Focus on real answers

Most website owners assume that if the visitor knows they are not talking with a real person the Chatbot's answers should be robotic to reinforce the non-human aspect and prevent unhappy visitors.

Taking the visitor’s perspective, we find that, as a potential customer, they are already interested in the product\service the website is providing. All the customer cares about is getting real information about the product\service,regardless of whether this helpful information comes from a Chatbot or from a real human.

For example: If a person asks "what is the price?", he wants to get an answer that will help him reach a decision. He might want to know the pricing range to see if it fits his financial capability, or maybe he wants to see if he can get a discount. Either way, the visitor is looking for information that can be provided by the Lead Generation Chatbot, and there is a great value in providing real informative answers rather than robotic responses.

The fact that the Lead Generation Chatbot is automatic doesn’t make it unreal.

Chatbot tip #3 Website pages

A website is the same as a shop in a mall. Customers are going into the shop every day, wandering through the shelves, scanning the different products and looking for the product they need. There's a salesman in the shop,and as the shop owner who hired the salesman, you need to define for him where to stand and when to approach the customers. Would you tell your salesman to stand right in the shop's entrance and approach every customer as soon as he enters the shop? Would you tell him to wait at the back of the shop and only offer help if a customer wanders back there? Or would you tell your salesman to sit at the checkout and only engage with customers if he's being approached with a question?

Looking at this situation, your answer might change depending on your business type, the design of your shop and even the products\services you want to promote. This information you will determine how you want your salesman to act.

The same concept applies when looking at your website. Not all website pages are the same. Some of the pages are intend to provide information and other pages are for the customer to make a decision. Therefore, not every page should have a Lead Generation Chatbot. The Lead Generation Chatbot should work only on pages where it performs well and gets results for you. You can start by adding the Lead Generation Chatbot to all of your website pages, but you should follow the Chatbot’s performance on different pages and see how it serves your business goals. Remove the Lead Generation Chatbot from pages as needed, letting it perform to maximum potential on relevant pages.

Chatbot tip #4 Understand the playground

You are playing a blind game with your visitors, adjusting your website to the way they are consuming and shopping online. On a website, we have no way of knowing what the visitor is doing, what products he is looking at, or the questions he may have. Therefore, every web designer or SEO knows that he needs to understand the way visitors are seeing the website and adjust it in order to meet the business goals.

If we go back to the parallel of your website as a shop in the mall, we can see that once a customer is in the shop the salesman has a significant role in examining the client's actions.He needs to approach the customer at the right stage, provide him with quality answers and lead him to take an action. The Lead Generation Chatbot allows you to get inside the visitor’s world and gives you the opportunity to read the conversations they are having with the chat.

The game you are playing is no longer blind.

When you read the chat's conversations with the visitors – and it is important to point out that you should also read the conversation that didn't end with a conversion – you can see the outcomes of the conversations. For example, you will be able to see if the answers you've added are meeting the client’s needs or not. By reading the Lead Generation Chatbot's conversations you can see if there's a missing answer for a specific question, or if there's an existing answer that is not prompting the visitor to give his details. This way you can tailor the answers to the visitors' questions, allowing you to see what works best and read the game.

Chatbot tip #5 A\B testing

At the beginning of this article we talked about engaging visitors in order to make them start a conversation with your Lead Generation Chatbot. But because most of us are unable to predict how our initial Chatbot settings will impact the visitors, we need to perform some tests in order to get the whole picture about visitor activity and what appeals them.

For example: you can run the Lead Generation Chatbot for a certain period of time with the chat's timed trigger set low, and then change the timed trigger to be longer. After making the change you can compare the chat's reports and see how the change impacted the amount of visitors who started a conversation with the chat. This way you will know what works best for your website.

The same concept applies for Start of Chat scripts, chat design, agent picture, answers etc. It is important to remember that everything has a meaning.

These are the things we recommend you watch and test over time within your Lead Generation Chatbot:

- Start of Chat scripts
- Answers for Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
- Timed trigger for chat window opening
- Chat colors
- Agent image
- Male vs. Female agent?
- Visitor feedback to your answers
- When a lead is generated, what is your chat requesting of the visitor? Phone number first or email first? There're cases where visitors are reluctant to give their phone number,preferring to give their email address.
- Chatbot's performance on different pages

Running periodic checks is recommended to determine if your current settings are providing the best results, or if improvements can be made to your Chatbot. Every test and improvement increases the conversion rate and saves you money on lead costs.