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Travel Chatbots - How Bots Can Get You Repeat Business

As a travel agency, you cater to a variety of clients. Couples looking for romantic getaways. Families planning extended summer vacations. Backpackers on a shoestring budget. Even jet-setting executives trying to cram a bit of leisure into a business trip.

On the face of it, they all want different things. But they do share one requirement – the assurance of a no-hassle trip. Let’s look at how a travel agency chatbot can help you fulfill that requirement.

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Simplifying the unusually complex process of travel planning using chat bots:

Travel planning is hard. That is precisely why travel agencies exist and people use them. A potential client visiting your travel agency website can have a hundred different questions. And they’re probably here because they aren’t entirely satisfied by the answers they’ve found elsewhere. Studies indicate that the average traveler visits over 35 travel websites before finally choosing one to plan their trip.

Using online chatbots is one way to help your travel agency stand out amid the competition. Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. They’ve just come to your website, and they see that you offer a variety of tour packages, flight and hotel discounts, and so on. But they’ve seen all of this on several other websites. How do they feel confident about engaging your services?

An automated live chat feature can give them a preview of what your agency can do. Imagine that instead of being forced to click around for information, your potential client can just ask your chatbot for help. The bot greets them with a friendly “Hello and welcome! What can I help you with?”

The client then chooses from a menu of options, such as “flight schedules”, “destination guides”, “hotel bookings”, and so on. Or, they just key in something like, “I want to travel to Greece next month with my wife. I need suggestions for cheap flights and hotels.”

The AI bot at the other runs a quick search and presents them with the information they need. If they need to know something very specific, the chatbot creates a follow-up request and the client receives the information from your team the very next day. Not only does your travel agency get a new lead in the process, your potential client also feels attended to and would be willing to give your agency a shot.

Travel agency chatbot can help flawless tour management:

Booking a tour is just the beginning. How well your travel agency caters to your client’s requirements during their trip can also make or break the deal. Nobody wants something unforeseen to happen in the middle of a holiday. If your clients keep receiving reminders about their next flight or activity, they’ll feel free to relax, knowing that their travel agency has their itinerary covered, even if they’re in a totally different time-zone. You can create a chatbot to send out these automated reminders.

The best chatbots for travel agencies can do even more. Let’s imagine that your client has a few hours to spare in a new city. They visit your website and ask your chatbot for advice. Seconds later, they get a list of sightseeing destinations, restaurants, and shopping outlets within a 20 mile radius.

You’ll find tons of travel-related chatbot examples online, ranging from Messenger bots to independent apps. But the advantage of building chatbots for travel agency websites, is that you can become a one-stop-shop for your clients. They’ll appreciate the convenience of finding everything from flight bookings, to sightseeing guides, to hotel deals, in just one place.

Multiple factors play a role in chatbot development for travel agencies. Reach us with more details about your requirements, and let’s get you the best chatbot that complements your business model.